New Applications For LED Technology

LED street lighting , LED lighting californiaLED technology is continually evolving and is now nothing like how it was when the idea was conceived. Not only have the lights become more energy efficient, but cheaper as well for the average person to afford. The Lightfair International trade show is one such platform where you can find out what’s new in the LED world.

We paid a visit to the event and much to our non-surprise, there were plenty of innovations up on display. These include the much-needed upgrades to green outdoor lighting to human-centric applications that can adapt to natural daylight cycles.

The new ways LED technology is being applied

  1. LED ceiling panels

Office ceilings with 2×2 grid fixtures are a thing of the past; CoolEdge is now bringing LED ceiling panels where the ceiling itself works as one giant fixture. Tape up a translucent plastic covering, and you get a white light filling the entire room. This setup is not only useful but has a futuristic look to it that we couldn’t help but admire.

  1. Beam Shaping for concentrated lighting

Acuity is now developing the next generation beam lights using a fixture that throws more light where it’s needed. Let’s say for example these lights are used in a grocery chain; the custom optic would allow the light to fall more on the aisles and less on the floor. As a result, the shoppers would be able to see the grocery shelf better and more clearly.

  1. Human-centric applications

Just like mobile phones, LED lights are also getting smarter to adopt to the changing needs of individuals. The latest human-centric apps come with the ability to cycle in a set pattern over 24 hour period to match the light conditions. This will immensely help reset circadian rhythms in senior homes.

It will also be useful in schools where the system will change light intensity and color temperature throughout the day to match the changing needs of the students.

  1. Smart city applications

Cisco has revealed that they’re working on more than 500 smart city projects throughout the world. These new designs will address vital concerns like traffic light management, detection of parking spots, and much more. They even said that a city with a population of 3 million could invest $ 90 million in the system and gain more than $ 50 million over a five year period.

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