Municipal LED Street Lighting Projects

When it comes to municipality maintenance, less is best. That is, cities and towns are usually open to innovative ideas and strategies that curb labor and cut costs. When it comes to maintaining streetlights, LED could be the answer. Here are some compelling reasons for municipal LED street lighting:

The Importance of Municipal Lighting

Most would agree that municipal lighting, like streetlights, are integral to reducing crime and providing area residents with a sense of safety. California cities use a variety of different lighting solutions, depending on the utility and location. For instance, you will find more streetlights in areas that are more populated and heavily traveled by cars, bikes, or pedestrians, primarily to reduce the number of accidents. Good lighting is a win-win for everyone, everywhere.

LED Poles, Streetlights, and Maintenance

Who doesn’t want to save money? But at what costs? LED offers municipalities the opportunity to invest in a greener lighting solution, that saves money over time. LED requires less maintenance overall, as these bulbs burn longer and cooler. LED is energy efficient, which benefits everyone and reduces the carbon footprint left behind. It uses far less power than halogen, incandescent, and fluorescent lighting does, making it an eco-friendly choice with a lot of potential.

LED lights are durable and break-resistant, so they require fewer visits from a maintenance technician. Making the switch to LED is a type of preventative maintenance that will pay for itself with use. HPS lights should be re-lamped every few years, which will require manpower, as will any streetlight outage or repairs arising from harsh conditions. These incidents will warrant traffic management and possible closure during the maintenance.

Exciting Options and Innovations

LED offers more inventive options and innovations that benefit businesses and residents widely. For example, California decorative lighting poles bring holiday illumination, colors, and displays managed with technology. The future is exciting, and the possibilities are endless.

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