Municipalities Are Looking Great with Innovative LED Lighting

LED Outdoor Lighting California

Why LED Lighting for Municipalities is a Smart Choice

Cities from all over the country from Anchorage Alaska to Clarksville Tennessee are making the switch to outdoor LED lighting. This is due to the energy efficient nature of the products combined with new options for technological upgrades. As the switch to LED lighting gains traction, we’re discovering new benefits of their municipal use.

An Environmentally Friendly Option

LED lights use less energy to produce better results. It’s this level of economy that’s made them so popular in areas like San Diego, CA, where the city is poised to save over $25,000 with the widespread implementation of the new LED street lighting. With so many areas of the US struggling financially, these types of solutions offer an efficient way to pass the savings along to consumers.

Polished and Professional

Government entities aren’t the only ones moving away from outdated outdoor lighting designs. Hotels, resorts, and gated communities are starting to make the switch to LED lighting because it genuinely looks better. Consumers report that they prefer the LED illumination to that of more conventional light bulbs. This improves the livability in areas where cities may be poised for growth and saves them money on projected energy costs.

California has been particularly proactive in their use of green outdoor lighting, using government initiatives to implement these systems in both commercial and historical buildings. Unlike traditional incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs require less maintenance and last up to 25-times longer. They also use about 75-times less energy than conventional light sources and have the power to provide more direct lighting.

When a normal lightbulb is left on for a long time, it inevitably heats up. This can be a fire hazard in older building and places where long-term lighting is a necessity. LED bulbs don’t generate the same amount of heat, making them safer for use everywhere.

Technological Benefits

LED bulbs are also referred to as digital lighting because they can be connected using remote technology. This level of convenience allows cities and building owners to exercise a more precise level of control over their lighting. As the US gins more insight into the benefits of LED lighting, we can expect to see more of it in our communities and in the basic elements of our homes.

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