Why Municipalities Love LED Street Lighting

LED lighting CaliforniaBenefits of Municipal LED Lighting

The most populous cities in the United States are turning to LED outdoor lighting systems. Los Angeles has successfully converted a majority of its street lights into LED lighting retrofits. Smaller cities world over are considering to do the same. Municipalities are loving the change for the many benefits presented by LED conversion. LED street lights primarily promote improved safety, energy efficiency, and more favorable economics.

LED street lighting systems offer:

A Safer Alternative

From a motorist and pedestrian safety perspective, evenly distributed municipal LED street lighting provides a clearer view of the road ahead. The quality of LED lighting is a substantial enhancement to traditional lighting. Light generation in LED’s is characterized by a higher CRI or color rendering index which closely resembles natural light. This translates to better illumination for roads and sidewalks, especially on subtle differences and contrast changes on its surfaces.

LED luminaires with varying light dispersion patterns can be mixed and matched to emit uniform lighting, thereby eliminating dark spots and shadows commonly attributed to high pressure sodium street lights or metal halide street lamps.

An Economical Choice

Municipalities gain indubitable economic and cost savings with an LED retrofit. Initial investments are estimated to be recouped in merely under two years with less utility costs and lower maintenance expenditures. Modern LED lights generally have 50 percent lower energy input than traditional street lighting fixtures with the same or even better light yield. Moreover, LED lighting has remarkable lifespans ranging from 50,000 – 100,000 hours without any degradation in light quality.

A Low Carbon Footprint

Lower energy consumption and operating costs that come with an LED street lighting retrofit equates to a lower carbon footprint, making it the ideal choice for municipalities who seek environmentally sustainable solutions. The superior light control feature of LED fixtures prevent problems of lighting up the wrong places along with light pollution complaints. Municipalities can further exhibit wise use of resources with dimmable LED lighting. Illumination can be toned down at certain times when there are fewer pedestrians and motorists out in the streets, and switched back to full illumination in just seconds when foot and car traffic is expected to increase.

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California and Nevada LED Street Lighting

LED designers and engineers continue to innovate municipal LED street lighting systems with the addition of glare-reducing lenses and diffusers. Newer fixtures lessen eyestrain issues linked to the original LED system and generate warmer light respective to lower color temperatures without sacrificing light quality. For advanced-technology LED street lighting tailored to retrofit existing systems in cities of all sizes, contact us online, and take your outdoor lighting to the next level with Great Basin Lighting.