There is a perfect marriage when you combine green solutions for street lighting and small cell poles – and it offers unlimited potential across many fields. Smart cell 5g is changing the way that cities and municipalities are operating and managing public works. Smarter street-light poles make greener communities! Here’s what you should know:

Electric Vehicles

California is focused on electric vehicles, or EV, and how citizens will charge them efficiently. Since power is distributed and disseminated through street poles, it makes sense to convert these smarter poles into EV charging stations, too. With more electric vehicles being driven on the roadways, communities are reducing their carbon footprint significantly. Smart cell poles in California help as well.

Better Broadband

These smart cell poles offer extended broadband access at lower costs for cities and towns. Bundling defrays costs of ancillary services and poles. This also means better cell coverage and surveillance systems.

Real-Time Traffic Management

The cameras and sensors on smart poles could be utilized in a way for real-time traffic management and analysis. This can help control the flow of traffic, alert public works to problems, and maintain public safety. The cameras can provide pertinent information related to crime or public safety, while sensors can give an idea of the air quality at any given time.

Energy to Spare

These poles can also derive power from parked cars to stash power for the community. This optimizes the charging potential during non-peak hours to ensure the city’s vehicles and equipment are charged.

Hub for Activity

This increased technology and convenience makes smart cell poles a hub of activity, a digital resource that helps the community at-large sustain itself and support growth into the future. What was once a simple, unassuming street pole is now a mecca for communication, energy, and illumination, benefiting the citizens of the region in impactful and pragmatic ways.

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