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Visible Light Communication (VLC) may challenge Wi-Fi for speed, security and quantity of data transmission. Specifically, Li-Fi technology will utilize LED lights in offices, homes, and communities to stream data faster and more efficiently than current technologies.

How Li-Fi Works

Li-Fi and Wi-Fi both transmit data electromagnetically. Wi-Fi uses radio waves, and Li-Fi uses visible light. Li-Fi uses LED lights as a high-speed Morse code transmitter. The LED lights flicker as data signals are sent and receivers in the room translate those flickers into data. This process occurs faster than the human eye can detect.

In a laboratory environment, Li-Fi was able to send 224 gigabits of data per second – the equivalent of downloading approximately 18 movies every 1½ seconds. When tested in real-life settings, the data streams were slower, at 1 GB per second, but that’s still 100 times faster than current Wi-Fi speeds.

Practical Applications – Outdoor Lighting Design

Placing microchips in LED lighting fixtures could eventually provide everyone with inexpensive data transmission capabilities for laptops, phones, printers and PDAs. With the right lighting design, Li-Fi can support and expand the Technology of Things and take smart homes to the next level. Apple may be integrating Li-Fi capabilities into their phones.

With Li-Fi, data streaming is capable as long as a device is in a room with LED lights and the appropriate technology. Unlike Wi-Fi, Li-Fi signals cannot pass through walls. Some believe this fact may limit its applications, while others see it as solving security problems that can exist with Wi-Fi connections.

Global Basin Lighting, Inc specializes in LED light design and installations for businesses and communities. We have completed several LED lighting projects in California cities, and we have expanded to include Nevada LED lighting projects. As the capabilities of Li-Fi evolve into practical community applications, we will have the expertise to bring this technology to your city. Visit our website to learn more.

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