LED Lighting Brightens Your Game on the Field

Advantages Of LED Lighting at Sports Fields and Stadiums

Sports stadiums stand to benefit a lot by installing LED lights. The advantages of outdoor LED lighting projects include cutting costs and increasing revenue. It is cross cutting; affecting both players and fans. If sports organizers realize that they can have a seamless playing experience even at night, the stadium will never be underutilized. Fans will also stream in in huge numbers if they know that they will have a perfect viewing experience. Led lighting is the answer.

Outdoor LED lighting feels just like natural sunlight, eliminating shades and dark paths. It is neither too hard not too soft. Athletes testify that they can see even the subtlest of ball (and player) movements in LED lighting. Players can see the direction and speed of the ball without room for miscalculation. Then there is the crucial aspect of accident /injury reduction.

Fans, on the other hand, miss nothing of the action. All the sweat, the passion, and determination are brought to light. Fans at home also get the best experience on their TV sets. With LED lighting on sports grounds, camera operators can get clear and crisp pictures.

Because of clear LED lighting, TV pictures display zero flashing, flicker, and other aberrations. Then again, remember that most sports revenue comes from TV and live stream. It is thus safe to say that in the sports world the only way to ensure profitability is to employ LED lighting in stadiums.

The game is not worth the excitement if it is not fair. Every fan understands that. Imagine what a dilemma it would be if the referee cannot decide a penalty, or the pain it would be if a lineman cannot see an offside goal. That is why LED lighting comes in to improve visibility. Replay officials in their viewing rooms get clear video evidence to make the right calls.

So there’s clear evidence that LED lighting in sports grounds helps to improve the players’ performance, fans’ experience, and game fairness, but how does this help with budgets. Here is how; LED lighting in sports stadiums require half the operating costs of normal outdoor lighting design. It is also important to note that once installed, LED lighting projects can last longer than all other forms of lighting, giving 50,000 or more hours of lighting. Given that the lights can be controlled with a central system, repairs and maintenance are done fast with no downtime for the stadium.

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Beyond the benefits mentioned above, LED lighting can help to improve a stadium’s versatility. In other words, when the stadium is not hosting a match, it could be used as a concert venue for music or other events. That means more profitability for the owners and operators. LED lighting is constantly shaping our cities and municipalities. If you are interested in learning how retrofitting with LEDs can save you money and energy, contact us today at Great Basin Lighting.