Why LED Lighting is The Answer to Light Pollution

Nevada green outdoor lighting CaliforniaYou surely must have heard about air pollution, noise pollution and water pollution, but did you know that there’s also such thing as light pollution?

It’s a relatively new topic that addresses the excesses of outdoor lighting systems. The primary purpose of outdoor lighting should be to bring light to high-traffic areas such as parking spaces, parkways, sidewalks and streets. Today, the world is so bright that you can’t stare outside and admire the natural night filled with beautiful stars and the moon.

Today, we talk about how LED lighting is the direct answer to the light pollution problem.

The negative effects of light pollution and how LED lighting is the solution

The Effects of Light Pollution

Excessive Lighting

An area that needs only 2000 lumens of light has been given 2800 lumens, which not only wastes lighting but also electricity costs as well. Fixtures that scatter light in more than one direction is wasting around 70 percent of their total energy. Light engineers have turned to directional LED outdoor lighting to resolve this particular concern.

Interrupts Our Biorhythms

Humans and animals are programmed to sleep at night when all is dark and quiet. But what happens when we can’t get sleep because the lights are so bright outside? Melatonin hormone secretion is lowered, which affects our overall health, mood and well-being.

Reduced Visibility

Scattered light reduces vision clarity and increases glare. This is an area of concern especially if you’re installing lighting for street sidewalks.

How You Can Fight Light Pollution

Green outdoor lighting can help reduce light pollution and bring about a better quality of life. Here’s how you can start:

  1. Replace all outdoor lights with LED-based lights.
  2. Install fixtures that direct outdoor light towards the ground.
  3. Install protective skirting on all your outdoor lights.

Keep in mind that the lighting distribution curve should be the same after the fixture is installed, or else it will not be as efficient. HPS lamps should be replaced with LED lighting devices that direct the lighting downward to save up to 70 percent on energy costs.

Furthermore, a wide beam asymmetric light system provides the best and the most efficient kind of outdoor illumination. A good streetlight is one that’s LED-based and requires less poles to keep the streets and walkways sufficiently lighted.

LED lighting systems have it all:

  • Low power consumption.
  • High lumen output per wattage.

  • Full spectrum lighting.

  • Zero light wastage.

  • Low risk of breakage.

  • Zero mercury pollution.

What’s more, they are the best answer to solving light pollution!

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