Are You Seeing More Smart Cell Poles in California?

The use of smart cell poles and smart city lighting is facilitating the Internet of Things (IoT) in regions and municipalities that have adopted 5g. The breadth of benefits that smart cell 5g offers citizens, businesses, and communities shows great future potential and savings that could be spent elsewhere.

Some ways that the Internet of Things and Smart City lighting can work together include:

Trash Transfer
Currently, smart cities are equipped with technology to control lighting, traffic, and even public safety; what about trash removal? Sensors are being adapted that notify the municipality when the bin is near capacity, reducing man-power and curbing costs. This also permits the transfer to be more efficient and effective, without half-filling trash trucks or wasting city resources.

Air Quality
Imagine using these smart lighting fixtures to improve air quality. Many 5g smart poles are being adapted with air quality monitors and sensors so that pollution can be measured and addressed.

Public Well-being
As cities become more connected, the focus of smart technology is moving toward public well-being and safety. Issues of concern include impacts on the environment and how to become more green. With LED lighting and a reduction in manpower monitoring public domain, this reduces the carbon footprint of man on the environment.

Law Enforcement
Technology using IoT will help law enforcement, too, experts say. Smart cell poles will be able to identify breech in building or property security, use facial recognition to locate perps, and monitor specific areas for questionable behavior.

Fire Prevention
Smart technology has a bright future and is being studied for implementation to preserve the safety of residents. The fire department in Nashville, Tennessee, has been looking at ways to utilize this technology for early fire response and improved reaction times.

Information About LED Smart Cell Lighting Poles is Available Here

Smart lighting systems and smart cell poles 5g make sense for communities widely. The savings of time, energy, and money shows great future potential to save municipalities- as well as individuals-much in terms of resources. To learn more about smart lighting applications, talk to the industry professionals at Great Basin Lighting, a west coast outdoor LED lighting company by contacting us here anytime.

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