The Industrial Market Embraces Smart LED Lighting

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Smart LED Lighting California In Commercial And Industrial Applications

Smart LED lighting has recently enjoyed a boom in the industrial market. According to LEDinside, global markets are expected to grow at a yearly rate of 95%, with total market size expected to be at around 13.4 billion USD in 2020.

Smart LED outdoor lighting designs have captured the public’s interest and sparked a revolution within the commercial industry. The whole digitization process brings forth new value enhancements and business models, especially in commercial and industrial lighting applications. LEDinside states that industrial and commercial lighting made up more than 50% of the total smart lighting sales in 2017.

Green lighting in California makes total sense in commercial applications. Industries often have to follow strict lighting requirements when it comes to lighting single- and double-story factories and commercial establishments. This means the emphasis is more on making the lighting fit the particular needs of the business while keeping it safe. For example, a manufacturing plant can take advantage of smart LED lighting in California by having it installed and connected to external switches that control essential lighting aspects such as brightness, number of switches and operation time period. In external areas, smart lighting can be adjusted according to the brightness and amount of natural light.

Smart lighting can be installed in commercial spaces to accommodate the needs of the businesses. Aside from having total control over lighting conditions in certain weather and seasonal changes, smart lights may be installed to make work easier, save on energy costs and avoid lighting-related conditions such as dizziness, nausea, etc.

Real-life applications are happening around the world. In most major Chinese e-commerce organizations, industrial smart lighting are part of smart warehouse setups in major cities. LED lights are used to improve efficiency and allow for faster delivery to increase customer satisfaction. Logistics operations and warehousing gets a huge lift, not to mention overall safety and smart storage site capacity.

Commercial entities utilizing smart LED lighting can benefit from social and energy saving aspects. Most commercial establishments operate round-the-clock, which leads to significant costs for energy consumption. LED lighting, coupled by smart technology can reduce energy bills month in and month out. Stores can also use smart lighting along with other available smart technologies to increase brand awareness and point consumers to promotions and new products.

Is Smart LED Lighting The Future?

The lighting market is set to grow to 3.93 billion USD by 2018 and will change how industries and commercial establishments think about their lighting devices. These new changes bring about more value and provide long term growth to the respective industries. If you are looking to upgrade your outdoor lighting system to eco-friendly LED street and roadway lighting, contact Great Basin Lighting today.