Illuminating The Benefits of Municipal LED Street Lighting

Outdoor LED lighting

4 Benefits of LED Roadway Lighting for Municipalities

Emerging LED lighting technologies are not only paving the way for consumer cost savings, but also an opportunity for municipalities to reap the same benefits and more. The advancement of this technology isn’t restricted to cost savings; it also offers better lighting than the street lights of the bygone era.

So, how exactly do municipal services stand a chance to benefit from LED lighting? Let’s find out!

1. Better lighting quality

Solid-state LED that is semiconductor-based offer a broad range of benefits, starting from higher quality spectrum to more focused light beam; from the ability to adopt ambient lighting conditions to not attracting bugs. The advantage of these features is that they lead to significant cuts in maintenance cost for the municipalities. Plus, residents, pedestrians and drivers are happier!

2. More savings

LED lighting, when coupled with other electronic communication devices, can become a part of a more massive chain of networks that operate on their own. These outdoor LED lighting projects have already proven to be useful in cities like Boston and Los Angeles, saving millions of dollars every year.

These LED lights are capable of auto adapting to the environment and control their own operation according to nearby infrastructure. This is all possible thanks to the advanced sensors the fixtures carry. The municipalities save on human resources in the process.

3. Better safety

The usage of LED lighting would remain incomplete if we didn’t mention the element of security. As discussed above, the new age LED lighting fixtures that come with sensors and whatnot, are a part of a larger network. They contain interactive data nodes that transmit real-time information to their respective city hall, and even emergency responders if need be.

These “smart” light have the ability to monitor traffic flow, become dimmer or brighter to support the first responders in times of emergency, and even work as Wi-Fi hotspots by reading utility meters from houses in its proximity.

4. Promise of a better future

The benefits of LED lighting aren’t only immediate but can be beneficial for decades to come with proper implementation. This is the technology of the future, often said to be suited for the likes of the Silicon Valley. Municipalities are slowly beginning to understand that despite the higher start-up cost, the pros spectacularly outshine the cons.

Be Part of the Change with California and Nevada LED Roadway Lighting

Unfortunately, the pace at which municipalities around California and the rest of the US are implementing LED lighting technology is still not fast enough. If you’re ready to learn more about municipal LED lighting design and roadway lighting retrofits, contact the team at Great Basin Lighting today via our online contact form, or by phone at (925) 240‑1566 (CA) and (775) 333‑0900 (NV).