Retrofitting With LED Saves You More Than Ever Before

Municipal LED street lightingLED-based lighting is taking off big time! However, there are still many people who have a hard time justifying switching over to this technology due to high upfront costs. Most building owners fail to realize that the impact of indoor and outdoor LED lighting projects can be only
properly assessed in the long run.

When you factor in long-term energy and maintenance savings, you’ll undoubtedly find LED retrofits to be more economical. LED lighting in its highest quality delivers true capital improvement that is measurable in market value.

That is why so many financing options are popping up for outdoor LED lighting projects, to allow building owners to have an easier time making the switch. But how exactly can this technology help you? Keep on reading to find out.

Two most significant advantages of retrofitting with LED

  1. More capital gain

Imagine a scenario in which you’re selling your house and want the maximum price possible. How do you increase your chances of profit? By making wise investments of course! An LED lighting retrofit can be seen as a capital improvement that raises the market value of your property. If done right, the capital project should get you the highest return on investment.

In simple terms: good LED products equal good ROI; cheap products equal low ROI. In fact, California is now faced with higher than the average cost of energy, which mandates the use of green energy. So, expect widespread municipal LED street lighting to be a thing real soon.

  1. Savings in maintenance

Maintenance savings is a complex topic that we will attempt to explain in brief. It is known that LED lighting lasts longer than their fluorescent counterparts, so owners are essentially saving two costs – cost of replacement bulbs and labor cost involved in replacing the bulbs and ballasts.

The costs involved in replacing might not seem high if you’re an individual homeowner, but think from the perspective of a casino. Changing a single lamp in a casino is probably going to cost more than $ 5000. Add to it the cost of cordoning off the area, bringing a lift, readjusting security, etc. – the loss of revenue is enormous!

How to calculate savings?

We’ve already discussed how LED lighting California can be of help, but not how you can actually measure your savings. The key is to keep a tab on all your sources, including those that don’t consume energy. When you get better at estimating the cost of your current fixtures and compare to the proposed new system, you should arrive at a good number.

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