See How Smart Cell Lighting Is Impacting Cities

The emergence of 5g and smart cell poles in advanced municipalities and big cities is making life easier, smarter, and even healthier! From decorative LED street lighting to 5g smart poles, this new technology is changing everyday life for many. Here is what every citizen should know about municipal LED street lighting:


The smart poles are more aesthetically appealing and discreet than the conventional light and utility poles seen widely on streets and sidewalks. These unappealing poles are a thorn that despoils the natural beauty or urban landscape. Newer poles are more cohesive with the surroundings.


With these new 5g poles, public safety is more effective and responsive. The potential for cameras and video- in addition to the better overall illumination- make responding to an incident or accident faster. In some areas, these poles are upgrading current lighting systems to create a safer community. Crime is less prevalent when the area is well lit.


It always comes down to money- smart poles and smart lighting is cheaper for towns and cities over time. These options reduce the need for manpower and curb the costs associated with operation. After initial installation investment is garnered, these poles can save many municipal dollars!


It may seem like a stretch to assert that smart lighting systems are healthier for those living in the region, but it is true- they reduce stress and angst, providing at-hand resources publicly, and identifying issues with the environment. For instance, some Californian cities are adopting technology to detect the levels of air pollution at any given time. This allows authorities to keep citizens abreast of the risks with going outside on a specific day. Furthermore, these poles allow for a way to document accidents or crime, which may help vindicate those not at fault and help recover damages.

Learn More About Small Cell Poles and 5g Poles

Smart lighting is the way of the future and the advantages that it brings are vast and many. To learn more about how smart lighting solutions and 5g technology can benefit your business, contact the professionals at Great Basin Lighting, a west coast outdoor LED lighting company.