Green Outdoor Lighting

Like the state’s homeowners, California businesses are becoming increasingly obsessed with finding energy efficient lighting options to reduce utility bills. This passion makes sense. After all, studies have found that approximately 35% of a commercial building’s total electricity use (and in case you’re wondering, 22% of a household’s electricity use) comes from lighting. Are outdoor LED lighting solutions the answer? Let’s explore some basic metrics to help you evaluate your needs.

Lumens vs. Watts

Most people (including city planners and corporate lighting designers) have been trained to evaluate lighting utility based on wattage. A watt measures how much energy is used to produce light in a bulb. But is this really the most appropriate metric? Today, many consumers also assess lumens. This metric measures how much light the bulb puts out. Many newer bulbs (e.g. LEDs) require fewer watts of energy to produce very bright light, so a low wattage bulb may be able to provide all the lumens you need. LED lighting is ultimately all about energy efficiency.

Surprisingly Diverse Benefits Created by Adjusting Your Lighting Choices

California LED landscape lighting – deployed strategically – saves businesses, cities, and municipalities hundreds of dollars a year on their electrical bills. These solutions can be functional and decorative at once. The energy efficiency “pays it forward” – since bulbs don’t need to be changed as often, you save time and money on the labor required to change out bad bulbs. Additionally, safer spaces are created due to the bulbs’ consistency. Design options also abound to fit practically any landscaping need.

Municipal LED Lighting

Great Basin Lighting provides customized outdoor LED lighting solutions for California businesses and communities. Learn how we can help you save money while providing a safe, beautiful environment for your customers and citizens. Call our California office at (925) 240-1566 or, if your project is in the Reno area, our Nevada office at (775) 333-0900.

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