Smart Cell Poles Are Changing Cities For The Better

In the near future, small cell poles are going to be an integral part of rolling out 5G coverage and other infrastructure improvements across the country. The benefits are numerous: Along with their cellular capabilities, these poles are less intrusive than their larger predecessors, can provide energy-efficient LED lighting, and can facilitate emergency communications.

The Challenges

Challenges to the deployment of infrastructure for small cell in California and other areas come in various forms. Among them are the following:

  • Power and fiber needs: Small cell poles call for more power than traditional streetlights. They also require more fiber.
  • Finding a location: Somewhat related to the other hurdles on this list, small cell poles need defined locations. That means finding suitable spots where they will be useful yet not disruptive.
  • Aesthetic concerns: Some neighborhoods have a historic vibe. Others prioritize trees and green spaces. Whatever an area’s desired appearance, small cell poles should seamlessly fit in, lest residents and city planners be disappointed.

The Solutions

There are several solutions that city planners, service providers, and residents can employ to help make small cell 5G a reality in a given city. In general, cooperation goes a long way.

Manufacturers can design products with measurements amenable to a variety of concealment needs. At the same time, municipalities are communicating what they need to make standardization easier.

At the same time, modularity allows for small cell components to be flexible and to be reconfigured to fit a given’s site’s needs.
Disguises are another key to success. Small cell poles can be integrated into pre-existing street lights or hidden behind signs. With cooperation from municipalities, installers can be quite creative.

Deploying new technology always comes with challenges. But given the benefits of small cell poles, the challenges are surmountable and well worth overcoming.

What to Expect from Smart Cell Poles in California and Nevada

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