Smart Cell Poles Are Changing Cities For The Better

Because of their many uses, smart cells are rapidly becoming the symbol of smart cities. To help explain the rise of smart poles, this article takes a look at some of their top applications.

Spreading 5G Technology

5G smart poles are a valuable way to expand 5G coverage across a given area. As cities compete for businesses and hope to attract residents, 5G coverage may become a key selling point. 5G is faster, offers lower latency, and has a much higher device capacity than 4G. In the future, 5G may become more useful to both businesses in realms like automation and to consumers in realms like smart-home technology.

Improving Security

The modern utility pole can help keep a city’s residents safe. That’s because 5g smart poles equipped with cameras are able to greatly increase law enforcement’s ability to track what’s going on in a city, respond to incidents, and identify and track down suspects. These efforts are aided by data-analysis software that makes it easier to sort through the massive amounts of footage a city’s cameras may gather.

Charging Smart Vehicles

Given that certain areas, like California, are moving toward more sustainable transportation methods, it’s important to note that smart poles can also serve as charging stations for electric vehicles. City leaders should take note; for instance, CA utility poles that make electric-car charging a breeze will be much more attractive to residents with sustainable vehicles.

Traffic Control

For cutting-edge cities, smart poles will also of use for dealing with an issue that has flummoxed countless urban areas: traffic. That’s because the utility poles of tomorrow can keep track of traffic flow and display signage, meaning they may be able to both identify issues and provide warnings and directions to drivers.

A Uniquely Adaptable Solution

Keep in mind that smart cell tech is adaptable to a given area or project’s needs. For instance, Nevada and California smart cell technology may help monitor air-quality issues, especially during those states’ wildfire seasons. Cities struggling with traffic, meanwhile, may emphasize traffic monitoring to look for solutions. To learn about how smart poles can help your specific project, contact Great Basin Lighting.

What to Expect from Smart Cell Poles in California and Nevada

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