CA Smart City Poles Make a Difference

Municipalities widely are utilizing smart cell poles and small cell lighting to great effect. How is your city or town changing, and going to change, in the years to come because of smart cell poles? Thanks to California smart cell 5g and LED, small cell lighting is future-proofing our cities in some extraordinary ways:

Energy Consumption

Did you know that making the switch from conventional light to LED can cut consumption in half? It is estimated that changing streetlights to LED can save 50% in busy, metropolitan areas.

Lighting Customization

The introduction of smart cell poles and sensors allow for lighting management, control, and customization. That is, where foot traffic is high, more illumination is provided; where there are fewer people, lights are dimmed to curb costs.

Internet Connectivity

The street light poles serve another duty: they are a powerful receptor for internet connectivity, creating connections in previous dead zones. This also ensures faster connection for those using it.

Digital Revenues

Some cities may find the potential for some digital revenues within their CA smart city pole implementation. After all, these poles offer an eye-catching opportunity to grab attention for an advertiser- earning revenues from digital ads and billboards for the city.

Public Safety

The smart cell pole provides a digital pair of eyes- and ears- on a region, providing better surveillance for public safety. Crashes, accidents, and crime can be detected quicker- providing a digital snapshot of the occurrence for first responders.

Crime Rate

This perk of added safety to the streets and neighborhoods of cities across the globe leads to a reduced crime rate. Citizens report that decent lighting- such as provided by smart cell lighting poles- deters crime and makes them feel safer. Isn’t this a compelling reason to make the switch?

Contact Great Basin Lighting for Help with Smart Cell Poles in California and Nevada

It is amazing what a smart city pole is capable of- and cities are embracing the many municipal perks of smart street lighting. From energy savings that put money back in citizens’ pockets to safer streets and neighborhoods, smart cell poles are enhancing the livability of cities across the map. Want to learn more about smart cell lighting? Talk to the industry experts at Great Basin Lighting, a west coast outdoor LED lighting company. Contact us here anytime.