Benefits of Connected LED Smart Cell Street Lighting

How Street Lights of the Future will be Connected

The future prospect of connecting municipal LED lighting benefits a municipality, city, or community. Smart lighting and green outdoor lighting present numerous perks to both the region, overall, as well as the people that live there. LED street lighting provides illumination necessary for a safe and secure environment–and will continue to do so for the next five, ten, even twenty-five years. LED lighting is reliable, and that is reassuring.

Why make the switch to smart, connected LED municipal outdoor lighting?

Gradual Changes
One of the alluring features of LED outdoor lighting is that it can be implemented on a case by case, basis. For instance, you can upgrade street lights without having to replace every street light; simply update when maintaining to ensure, eventually, that they are all transitioned to LED. This is the perfect solution for small businesses or regions with limited fiduciary resources.

A Prudent Investment
Making the move to LED shows a trust in the future of smart technology. Smart street lighting can lower energy costs by using sensors and detectors to only initiate lighting when it is needed. These smarter street lights simply ‘light the way’ for future applications and investment opportunities.

Conserves Energy and Curbs Costs
So, speaking of energy costs, it is estimated that there will be over 100 million LED street lights in use within the next four years: they simply save money. LED not only lowers the cost of electricity, but also CO2 emissions and the need for maintenance. Some estimate that cities may see a 50% decrease in their energy costs with smart street lighting implementation.

Simple Safety
There is some evidence that the quality of LED can impede or deter criminal activity. In fact, using LED in public safety applications, like street lights, has the potential of reducing crime up to 10% according to some industry experts.

Return on Investment
The good news is that your return on investment for LED lighting is fast and quite healthy; what are you waiting for? Whether you are contemplating the transition with the bulbs that you use in your home to the outdoor street lighting solutions that thousands rely upon, there is a compelling argument to make the move to LED.

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