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8 Benefits of Switching to LED Lighting

Municipal LED Lighting is The Green Solution

Lighting systems rank among the largest fixed costs for municipalities. Retrofitting LED technology into municipal street lighting delivers significant financial savings while promoting sustainability. Everyone–pedestrians, motorists, the community, and our planet–will benefit from the switch.

1. Energy Efficiency

LEDs remarkably consume the lowest electricity compared to all other light bulbs, utilizing 50% less energy than incandescent, fluorescent and halogen lights. Unlike these traditional lighting systems, resources aren’t wasted as light is emitted hemispherically and properly directed by an LED bulb.

2. Extended Lifespan

An incandescent bulb typically performs up to 1,000 hours, while fluorescent type lasts 8,000-10,000 hours. You can expect long-lasting use from quality LED lights, averaging 30,000-50,000 hours of operational life.

3. Non-Toxic Material

Switching from conventional to green outdoor lighting aids in reducing our carbon footprint by eliminating greenhouse gas emissions and promoting wise use of resources during manufacture. LEDs do not contain toxic elements such as mercury or metal halide and can safely be thrown away.

4. LEDs Do Not Pose A Burn Hazard

Did you know that merely 10% of the actual power used by an incandescent lamp converts into light? The huge chunk translates to radiated heat, which in excessive amounts, along with ultraviolet radiation can be harmful to people.

5. Instant Illumination

Traditional light systems take a bit of time to reach their full lighting potential. LEDs don’t need any warm up time, allowing the bulb to be switched on or off, dimmed, and tweaked to 100% brightness as needed and without delay. Rapid cycling won’t affect its lifespan.

6. Perfect For Outdoor Use

An LED’s intensity of light does not decrease at low temperatures, nor does it require a higher voltage. In fact, it performs even better when the environment gets colder. That’s why LED lighting is the best bulb to go with outdoor lighting design in California.

7. Better Controllability

Commercial fluorescent lighting entailed added costs to be rendered dimmable. LEDs offer more control, especially when paired with intelligent sensors, and can capably light up a space with as little as 10% of its maximum output.

8. Excellent Durability

LED lights are resistant to breakage and vibrations since it does not comprise a filament or glass exterior, rather mounted on a circuit board with soldered leads connecting the parts together.

Experts in Outdoor Lighting Solutions

LED lights require less power and maintenance, which means more savings on labor and replacement costs. At the same time, roads become safer with enhanced visibility. Beyond illuminating out streets, LEDs lighten our environmental impact, making it the ideal solution for municipalities. Contact the experts at Great Basin Lighting to get started with your Municipal LED street lighting retrofit.