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6 Common Myths About LEDs

Debunking Misconceptions About LED Lighting

LED lighting is a new technology that has taken the world by storm. Due to its popularity, there are some odd myths that have popped up around them. Let’s tackle and bust some of the most common myths about LED lighting:

Myth #1: LED Bulbs Have a Limited Lifespan
This is a common myth that has been popularized by retailers. The truth is that LEDs usually last for slightly over 50,000 hours before they need to be replaced. Compare that to the average lifespan of a traditional incandescent bulb (1,500 hours) and the true value of LED shines through. LED’s even beat out compact fluorescent bulbs, lasting over 10 times longer!

Myth #2: LED devices Are Not As Efficient
LED lights consume just a little power. Independent research studies have shown that, on average, the bulbs are 15% more efficient than fluorescent lights and over six times more efficient than incandescent lights.

Due to their high efficiency and energy saving qualities, LED lighting helps to lower your energy consumption.

Myth #3: LEDs Are Expensive
This is possibly the most common myth surrounding LED lighting. With advancing technology, an LED bulb is only slightly more expensive than a comparable CFL. However, the cost benefits really shine when you take into account the longevity of LED over traditional bulbs. A single LED bulb will last an average of 17 years, you would have to purchase 10 CFL bulbs to last the same amount of time.

Myth #4: LEDs Produce Little to No Heat
While LED lights often produce less heat than their incandescent counterparts, this myth is propagated by the fact that LED gives off no infrared or ultraviolet light waves. It is these light waves that make other bulbs too hot to touch, and actually quite dangerous if mishandled. LED lighting will warm if left on for a few hours, but the bulbs will rarely ever get too hot to handle.

Myth #5: They Can Only Produce Blue Light
While this was once true, new advancements have turned this myth into a thing of the past. It has been shown that the LEDs have the ability to produce more than 90 different colors of light. This is because the color of the light produced depends on the substance in the bulb. For example, if the substance in the bulb gives off an orange color, the bulb will radiate orange light. This opens LED to be used for intensely specific lighting purposes.

Myth #6: LED Bulbs Are Not As Bright
This myth is simply untrue, and persists only because of inaccurate measuring techniques. When measured in the traditional lighting scale of lumens, LED bulbs shine just as brightly as other bulbs, while being more energy efficient. They achieve this by producing more of their energy as light, rather than heat.

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