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Decorative Lamp Posts for Commercial Lighting

LED Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Whether you’re searching for decorative fluted lighting or you’re on the hunt for decorative LED street lighting for your municipality or business, here are some battle-tested, cost-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing options. So, without further ado, let’s unpack their specs: Continue reading

The LED Revolution: LED Lighting Going Mainstream?

LED Lighting: Replacing Traditional Lighting Schemes

LED Lighting Nevada

On this blog, we’ve talked repeatedly about the benefits of outdoor LED lighting projects and the efficiencies associated with LED lighting. At the risk of reiterating, here are 4 exciting advantages LEDs have over traditional lighting schemes: Continue reading

New Whatley Contemporary & Transitional Light Posts

Introducing New Styles of Decorative LED Street Lights

  • Two new styles of decorative light posts
  • Shown rendered with popular fixtures represented by our local agent
  • Xtreme durability delivered through BASF composite base covers – designed to endure the daily abuse of pedestrian traffic, landscape equipment, and sidewalk deicing salts or waterfront conditions.
  • Fiberglass or aluminum pole options – select for your environment & budget Continue reading