LED Lighting Research & Development Updates from the Department of Energy


In August, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) published its 2014 Solid-State Lighting Manufacturing R&D Roadmap. This report addressed developments and issues in the production of LED and OLED lighting, such as:

  • Material and equipment suppliers
  • Public and private funding considerations
  • Quality control concerns
  • Cost management

This information has already proven valuable to business owners, homeowners, and cities utilizing or considering outdoor lighting design or municipal LED street lighting.

Highlights of the New 2014 Roadmap

The Roadmap, an update to the information and recommendations set forth by the 2013 version, presented and analyzed comprehensive data relevant to the manufacture and sale of SSL lighting products, including:

  • Color uniformity issues. For both OLED and LED lighting technologies, color uniformity continues to be a concern. The Roadmap attempts to address these problems by suggesting manufacturing techniques that will improve consistency.
  • Pricing updates. The costs for LED lights are steadily decreasing, but further improvements to packaging and other considerations are needed going forward.
  • Cost savings. Users of SSL lighting sources collectively saved about $1.8 billion in electricity expenses in 2013.
  • Design issues. OLED and LED Luminaires and lamps continue to require more economical design techniques to maximize their efficiency.

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